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Tp-Link Router Technical Support


Tp-Link router devices used for the smart internet connectivity with less trouble. These are used to connect multiple devices at uniform internet speed. It will let you see movies videos, songs, opening the email, downloading attachments including several other tasks. It is quite an applicable choice for users but there are certain unusual threats which may create serious issues. For the instant support, there is need to reach customer service number.


Common issues solved by Tp-Link router technical support team:


  • How to setup Tp-Link router to factory settings?
  • How to change the password of Tp-link?
  • How to do Tp-Link router password reset?
  • How to update my router firmware?
  • How may I configure the Tp-Link router?
  • How to recover admin password of Tp-Link?
  • Why am I getting error notifications while connecting to the internet?
  • Why is Tp-link not working with new modem?


A number of issues have been listed here, individual may demand the solution to any of them. To fulfill user needs, it is required for the user to connect with customer support team. To contact the support team, there is need to dial helpline number. After using it, individual can connect directly to experts. Tech engineers will understand all your issues and suggest you with some specific solutions.


The number of issues has been fixed by Tp-link router technical support team. Here, individual can see the resolution to one:


How to setup Tp-Link router?


  • First, you should connect the computer directly to DSL modem.
  • After you see your login screen for internet service, there is need to make note of both username and password
  • It now needs to unplug your router to DSL modem.
  • The user should plug the modem with Tp-link router's "WAN" port.
  • There is need to connect computer to one of the Tp-Link router's numbered ports
  • Individual needs to turn on modem and should wait at least 10 seconds
  • However, user should “Plugin” router and then restart the computer
  • Click the "Start" option and go to "Control Panel"
  • Tap the option of "Network Connections”.
  • Now, there is need to right click on "Local Area Connection"
  • There is need to tap "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP),"
  • Select “Obtain an IP Address Automatically" and then go to "Obtain DNS Server Addresses Automatically"
  • Now, your Tp-Link router has been set up


Tp-Link Router Technical Support Phone Number


The number of Tp-Link users is there who will not be satisfied by the solution of the above issue, they need to connect with Tp-Link Router Technical Support Phone Number team. To contact the support team, there is need to to use the toll-free number. When the individual will select it, they can get the chance to talk to live technicians.

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