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Hotmail, a product of Microsoft is a web-based mailing service. It is one of the first email services in the world. Hotmail was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith and stylized as {HotMail} (representing HTML) in California, in 1996. Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft in 1997 for around $400 million and launched Hotmail in 1997 as “MSN Hotmail”. Later, it was rebranded as “Windows Live Hotmail”. Hotmail’s final version was released in October 2011. In 2013, Hotmail was replaced by and it is called Outlook.


Common Issues of Hotmail


Today, most of the people who use internet use email services also. Hotmail being the oldest email service have millions of users. As it runs on the web and can give problems while using it. People have placed complaints about Hotmail and the issues are as follows.


  • Hotmail password lost or forgot.
  • The problem in configuring Hotmail settings.
  • The problem in unlocking Hotmail account.
  • Deleted emails recovery.
  • Hotmail accounts recovery.
  • Issues in receiving and sending emails.
  • Hotmail account temporarily locked.
  • A problem of receiving lots of spam or fishy emails.
  • Inbox is loading extremely slowly.


To get rid of such issues, you may contact Hotmail technical support and get prompt assistance.


How to set up Hotmail on iPhone


Let’s now discuss setting up Hotmail on iPhone. Doing this is not very difficult and can be done easily by following the undersigned steps.


  • In your iPhone, tap on Settings then tap on Mail then on Accounts and then tap on “Account”.
  • Choose “”.
  • A login page will turn up on your screen.
  • Provide your email address.
  • Tap on “Next”.
  • Type in your password of Hotmail email.
  • Tap on “Sign in”.
  • When prompt to confirm permission to iOS to access your data, tap on “Yes”.
  • Here, you will get options that Hotmail can access on your iPhone.
  • You can choose your contacts, reminders, email, and calendars to sync with Hotmail.
  • Every option would be turned on by default.
  • Once you are done selecting what should be synced, tap on “Save”.
  • On your iPhone, open the application “Mail”.
  • You can see your Hotmail account as latest added.
  • Go to Settings again and then tap on “Mail” then “Accounts” then tap on “Outlook” and then “Mail Days to Sync”.
  • Here you can choose how many days your emails should be synced.
  • It is recommended to choose “No Limits”


Hotmail Technical Support Phone Number


As by now, we all know that Hotmail is now Outlook and you would have to select Outlook while setting up the account on your iPhone to access your emails from Hotmail. You can also get help from Hotmail technical support in order to set up your Hotmail account in iPhone if you could not do that by following the above-mentioned steps. One can also get steps to do so by going to help forums and community blogs.

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