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Mozilla Firefox Customer Support

Mozilla Firefox has always been the smart option for users who want to get instant results. It is the useful option to all those who want to have results on time. It helps you to open the number of sites at the same point in time but there is the number of issues that might not be ignored easily. For getting help in that conditions, there is need to reach technical team immediately. Technical team can be contacted by using helpline number.

Common Issues in Mozilla Firefox

An issue that has been solved by customer support team of Mozilla Firefox:

  • How can ads be avoided while opening Mozilla?
  • How to update Mozilla Firefox in Linux Mint?
  • How to set Mozilla as the default browser?
  • How to backup Mozilla Firefox history?
  • How to install Mozilla in ubuntu?
  • Why am I facing loading issue while using Mozilla?
  • Why has the history not been deleted yet?
  • Why has Mozilla Firefox been slowed down suddenly?
  • Why am I not able to download PDF files?
  • How do I fix Firefox not responding?
  • Why does Firefox crash all the time?
  • Why is Firefox not working?
  • How to fix Firefox problem on mac?

There is the number of issues that have been solved by customer service team.

How to reset Mozilla Firefox?

  • It is first required to tap the icon that looks like three stacked lines which is at the top right
  • There is need to choose question-mark icon at the bottom of the drop-down menu.
  • Tap the option of 'Troubleshooting information' from the slide-out menu.
  • It is required to click 'Reset Firefox' button at the top right
  • Choose 'Reset Firefox' by using the confirmation pop-up window.

Mozilla Firefox Customer Support Phone Number

There are still some people who need help for any of the given issues; it is required for them to directly reach support team immediately. Customer service team could be contacted by using the Mozilla Firefox customer support phone number. Technical engineers will provide the easy resolution to different issues at right time.

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